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Hi, We are Studio Rouge. We are a family business established by our parents in 1988. 



Using a blend of classic analogue photography skills and the very latest digital technology, we have developed our own uniquely unobtrusive but intimate shooting style that delivers an extraordinarily natural, emotive and engaging document of your big day, capturing and conveying that special something that made it so very beautiful so that you can forever more savour the moments, including those that you were just too busy on the day to absorb.


We have been photographing weddings for over 25 years and during that time have become world renowned. We are some of the most highly qualified photographers in the UK, earning prestigious Fellowship qualifications – there are only 24 photographers of this standard in the UK.


We have won ‘Photographer of the year’ an incredible 19 times, an achievement unsurpassed by any other photographic organisation in the world. Not only have we been recognised for our incredible photography but also for our album designs.



Keith Thompson FBIPP | FMPA | FSWPP

Jamie Thompson FBIPP | FSWPP | BSc

Lynsey Thompson-Viney FBIPP | FSWPP | FMPA

Chris Viney - BA | SWPP

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